Emiel Schulze, BSc, MSc

Emiel Schulze, BSc, MSc
VfB Stuttgart 1893 AG
Mercedesstraße 109
70372 Stuttgart

Performance Analyst VfB Stuttgart

Sport Scientist (BSc, MSc)

PhD Topic: Match analysis in football


PhD Project:

Improving the understanding of playing efficiency in football. By studying decisive phases within matches and taking situational factors into account, practically applicable performance parameters may be distinguished (expected submission: 2018). 


PhD publications:

Schulze, E., Mendes, B., Maurício N., Furtado B., Cesário N., Carriço, S. & Meyer, T. (2018). Effects of positional variables on shooting outcome in elite football. Science and Medicine in Football, 2:2, 93-100,
Schulze, E., Clemens C., Nopp, S. & Meyer, T (2019). Defensive Balance in Elite Football: Exploring the Development of Goal Scoring Opportunities. Sport Performance & Science Reports, 60, 1-3,
Schulze, E., Julian, R. & Skorski, S. (2021). The Accuracy of a Low-Cost GPS System during Football-Specific Movements. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 20, 126-132,

Schulze, E., Julian, R. & Meyer, T. (2021). Exploring Factors Related to Goal Scoring Opportunities in Professional Football. Science and Medicine in Football,