Preventive Sports Programms


Many studies have shown, that regular exercise positively influences the course of diseases and thus mortality. However, it is still unknown what content a effective programme needs to have, especially when individual charcteristics and aims are included. Thus, this area is a main research focus within the Institut of Sports and Preventive Medicine with Dr. Anne Hecksteden as main investigator.


Completed Projects

  • Carbohydrate intake and training efficacy in preventive sports programms.
  • The variability of performance and of cardivacsular risk factors in untrained people over the course of a year.
  • Efficacy of different preventive sports programms (funded by the Saarland Sports Ministry )
  • Acute training responses as a predictor of chronic training effects (blood pressure and glucose tolerance)
  • "Non-Responder" in endurance training
  • Efficacy of training programs within police work (in cooperation with the Saarland ministry of internal affairs)
  • Sport and the molecular aging process (lead by Prof. Laufs, Cardiology Homburg)