Football Research


"World Class Soccer Under Adverse Conditions" Lecture with Prof. Dr. Tim Meyer at the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (2014).


One of our main research areas focuses on football research, wich is partly due to the close colaboration with the german football federation (DFB). Our projecst include questions relating to elite as well as recreational football. Especially research around injury and injury prevention has increased within recent years. Football research is further part of the international PhD-Program Science and Health in Football. This has originally been funded by the German Academic Exchange Centre (DAAD) and Saarland University and is now conducted in colaboration with the  University of Technology in Sydney (UTS). 


Current Projects

  • Prediction of injuries in football (part of the REGman project funded by BISp)
  • Infectious diseases in football
  • Development of an automated system for training and match analysis (in cooperation with the DFB)
  • Training load monitoring in elite youth football (in cooperation with the Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Diagnosis and prevention of muscle injuries in football (in cooperation with the DFB)
  • Perceptual and cognitve training in football (in cooperation with the DFB)
  • Individualising fatigue and recovery monitoring in football (part of the REGman project funded by BISp)


Completed Projects

  • Mental fatigue in football (in cooperation with the University of Technology Sydney
  • Relationship between physical performance tests and match analysis parameters 
  • Influence of the menstrual cycle on physical performance in female football 
  • Developing a screening tool to evaluate the inury risk profile in football 
  • Sleep and recovery in elite football (in cooberation with Benfica Lissabon)
  • Effects of a sleep hygiene protocol on recovery in football (funded by the FIFA Jaoa Havelange-Stipendium)
  • Repeated-Sprint-Ability as a component of football performance 
  • Evaluation of a injury prevention program on injury risk in veteran football players (funded by FIFA and the German Football Association, DFB)
  • Preparation of a injury register for the German Bundesliga (in cooperation with the football magazin kicker)
  • Routine blood values in the 1. and 2. German Bundesliga (funded by the German Football League, DFL)
  • Evaulation of different endurance training programms in football (funded by the German Football Association, DFB)
  • Effects of a shortend winter-break on injury incidenced in the German Bundesliga (funded by the German Football League, DFL)
  • Effects of veteran football on cardiovascular risk factors and injury risk (funded by the German Football Association, DFB)
  • Evaluation of different physical performance tests in football (methodological aspects and validity)