Sports Cardiology


Sports cardiology research at the Institute of SPorts and Preventive Medicine is focusing on cardiac adaptations to exercise, both in a chronic and acute sense. A main focus is estimating potential risks of exercise with a cardiac disease, and potential long-term risks of exercise for the cardiac system.


Current projects

  • Sudden cardiac death registery for Germany (funded by the German Heart Foundatin, under the aegis of the German Association for Cardiology)
  • Analysis of athletes with irregular ECGs (Lead by TU München, funded by the German Institute for Sport Sciences, BISp)


Completed projects

  • Myokarditis-Registery (Lead by the Universty of Tübingen, funded by the German Football Association, DFB)
  • Cardiac risk in elderly football (funded by the German Football Association, DFB)
  • The "Football-ECG" - A cross-sectional study in elite football players
  • Changes of the right ventricle due to long-term endurance exercise - a cross-sectional study of extrem endurance athletes in comparison with an age-matched controll group