At the Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine we offer courses from undergraduate programs all the way to the highest level research degrees. Within our postgraduate doctoral program we offer higher research education for national and international students. Research degrees (PhD or MD) are the highest level of degree awarded. Students work under supervision on a significant piece of academic research with a path to publication of the work. Successful completion of a PhD or MD program is an eminent qualification that paves the way to future acadmic success.


Bachelor and Master Degrees

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree in Sport Science (BA)

An undergradate degree is the initial degree available to student wanting to persue a career in sport science. Completion of the degree involves course work for six semesters (three years), in which course content is are only lectured in German.


Postgraduate Master Degree in Sport Science (MSc) 

Postgraduate study is additional learning option that students can embark on after completing a undergraduate degree. Students can choose to specify on high performance sport or sport as a health preventive measure. The postgraduate master degree usually involves course work over two years including a final research thesis in the last semester. Courses are mainly lectured in German language.

For further information please visit the website of the sports science department (SWI). 


Postgraduate Doctoral Degrees

Every year the Institute offers up to two PhD international research scholarships within the PhD program "Science and Health in Football" (call for applications usually end of the year). Additionally, students can apply with otherwise funded or even non-funded PhD projects. Further information about the program including appplication requirments can be found here

Furthermore, national postgraduate students from sport science, medicine or related fields have the opportunity to conduct their doctoral research project at the institute. Besides conducting their project studnets have the opportunity to participate in (inter)disciplinary workshops and events:


  • Colloqium (several times during a Semester): postgraduate presentations of research results 
  • Science Club (eigth times/year): presenting and discussing recent publications relevant for the research focus of the institut 
  • Invited presentations from national and international scientists (in German and English; 4 times/year)
  • Colloqium Sports Cardiology (twice/year)
  • Colloqium Sports Orthopaedics (once/year)


Doctoral students also have access to the interdisciplinary postgraduate workshops offered by the national and international graduate program of the Univeristy (GraduS and GraduSglobal). Furthermore, under- and postgraduate students conducting their final thesis at the institute can be involved in the servicing work of the institut (Ergometry and physical performance testing).