Sports Cardiology


Physical exercise and sports can lead to high cardiac strains in elite athletes, recreational athletes and patients. Therefore, sports cardiology addresses questions on acute and chronic cardiovascular adaptations and risks in athletes and patients, and sports cardiological examinations are performed to detect cardiovascular abnormalities or pathologies to reduce their cardiovascular risk during physical exercise, training and competition.



Athletes and patients can be examined at the Institution's outpatient clinic. Consultations can be arranged by contacting our secretary’s office.


Appointments & Questions
Office of the Institute
Andrea Euschen
phone.: +49 (0) 681/302 70400

Consulting hours:
Mon - Thur:  8 am - 5:30 pm
Fri:               8 am -  4:30 pm


Scientific Studies

Athletes and patients who are interested to take part in scientific sports cardiological studies can get further informations by contacting our secretary’s office.

The German registry on sudden cardiac deaths in sports (SCD Germany) as well as the FIFA sudden death registry in football (FIFA-SDR) is located at our institute.


Hotline Sports Cardiology

In urgent cases, athletes, patients and physicians can contact us for advices via phone (+49 (0) 681/302 70400) or email (