Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) Registry Germany


Sudden Cardiac Death in Germany


Sudden cardiac death (SCD) of an apparently healthy athlete is a rare tragic event which attracts an abundance of media attention, especially when elite athletes are involved. Vigorous exertion increases the risk of SCD by the factor of 2.8, since it acts as a trigger for cardiac arrest in the presence of underlying cardiovascular diseases. Unusually high exercise intensities increase the relative risk of SCD, especially in recreational athletes with a poor training condition or in individuals who are in the early phase of returning to exercise. However, overall, regular physical activity is associated with a protective effect even when considering the temporary hazards experienced during athletic activity. 

The aim of this register (SCD Germany) is to detect the actual magnitude of sudden death and survived cardiac death during sport and to identify their causes as precisely as possible. Thus, existing screening and preventive measures will be improved or supplemented to help prevent some of these deaths in the future.


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