Field Based Testing



The Institute has developed a very close working relationship with the German Football Association (DFB) over many years. Because of those years of practical experience as well as a lot of football specific research we offer exceptional expertise in the area of physical performance analysis. This is especially true for the sport of football, but also for many other team and individual sports. Based on this we developed and evaluated a standardised model for testing physical performance. 

We offer the following services:

  • Speed analysis (3 x 30 m linear sprint using light gates)
  • Explosive leg power using a contact mat or a force plate (counter-Movement-Jump with or without arm movement, Drop-Jump)
  • Agility run
  • Incremental running test to determine the individual anaerobic threshold (lactate testing)
  • Shuttle-run test

A complete physical performance test for a whole team will last about 4 h. By conducting these physical performance tests we can evaluate the current physical capabilities of each individual athlete in order to observe possible deficits in their physical performance. Furthermore, based on the individual anaerobic threshold by Stegmann et al (1981) we derive training recommendations for basic endurance training (recovery runs, extensive and intensive endurance runs, 5 x 1000 interval training). This gives the coach the possibility to divide a squad into smaller training groups with a similar performance level or specific training for each individual athlete. It is further possible to analyse the development of an individual and/or a whole squad if tests are repeated on a regular basis. This enables us to develop and assess individual and team based reference values for specific parameters.

It is possible for different sports to book the above mentioned tests or even develop another sport specific testing tool with us.


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