Laboratory Based Testing


Private physical performance testing

The importance of sport specific physical performance testing has increased remarkably within recent years. Therefore, we offer our expertise in this area for recreational athletes. Based on many years of practical experience as well as extensive research, the Institute developed and evaluated a standardised model for testing physical performance in different sports. Our lab is equipped with cycling and rowing ergometers and a treadmill. It is further possible to run alternative/sport specific tests, e.g. an incremental speed skating test using a pace maker or swim specific tests in the water.

The institute offers the following services:

  • Internal medical screening
  • Resting and exercise ECG (on a bike or a treadmill)
  • Lactate analysis to determine the individual anaerobic threshold as a marker of endurance perofrmance
  • VO2max Tests
  • Routine Blood measurements
  • Measurements of energy expenditure in rest and during exercise
  • Diagnosis of fatigue and recovery (overreaching, overtraining syndrom)


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