Research Areas


The key reserach areas of the institute focus on both the elite athlete and on health and preventive aspects of sport science. For example, we emphasize on controlled training studies to evaluate their efficacy on cardiovascular risk factors as well as molecular and genetic factors. Further studies focus on sudden cardiac deaths during sports and with routine screening opportunities to prevent such tragic incidences. Within elite sports the institute developed a increasing interest on recovery with a recent focus on cold-water immersion. 

Obviously we have a strong focus on football science due to the long lasting colaboration with the German Football Association (DFB). Thus, we always had several rearch projects within elite but also recreactional and veteran's football. Recently we developed a strong scientific interest in injury and injury prevention within football. Football science is further the essential part of the international PhD program Science and Health in Football.

Our acadmic staff is further interested in pacing in endurance sports, with a main focus on the physiological background of pacing patterns. Within this we focus on questions around early fatigue during competition as well as the 'optimal' intensity distribution in different sports and/or distances.