Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is the foundation for many research questions. However, some of our projects specifically focuse on exercise physiology, mostly within related to performance. Such projects has been part of the institut's research scheme since the 80's. 


Current Projects

  • Effort and perceived exertion during up-hill and flat cycling


Completed Projects

  • Reliability of the maximum oxygene consumption (VO2max) by means of supramaximal verification tests in untrained subjects
  • Influence of the individual chronotyp on pacing and performance in cyclists 
  • Annual variability of performance and cardiovascular risk fators with in healthy untrained people 
  • Evaluation of blood-born parameters as indicators of fatigue and recovery in football (funded by the German Football League)
  • Validity of the Yo-Yo and the Hoff-test as indicators of team sport specific endurance 
  • Evaluation of a Badminton specific endurance test (in cooperation with the German Badminton Federation)
  • Variability of the maximum lactate-steady-state (MLSS)