The Institute for Sports and Preventive Medicine offers serious sports medicine service which is based on scientific evidence. Besides university responsibilities in research and teaching, we take care of patients and athletes in our outpatient clinic. Primarily clinical questions circle around eligibility for sport and loading capacity. However, patients and athletes can show up with a variety of complaints related to physical activity. Medical care covers the internal medicine/exercise physiology side (particularly sports cardiology) as well as the orthopedic-traumatology side.

Teaching is done for the university subjects medicine and sports science (BA, MSc). It is possible to obtain a doctoral degree in both subjects (Dr. med., Dr. rer. med., Dr. phil., PhD). Research activities are usually balanced between questions from elite sport and those from recreational and health-related sport. Emphasis is given to prevention through regular sport, exercise physiology, sport cardiology, recovery research, injury prevention/prediction and particularly to football-related research. The latter focus includes an international PhD program entitled „Science and Health in Football“ which is run at our institution since 2013.