Injuries of veteran football (soccer) players in Germany.

TitelInjuries of veteran football (soccer) players in Germany.
MedientypJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AutorenHammes D, der Fünten KAus, Kaiser S, Frisen E, Dvorák J, Meyer T
JournalRes Sports Med
Date Published2015

There is a lack of injury data for the population of veteran football players. Therefore, a prospective study was conducted to investigate injury incidences and characteristics. Over one season, injuries and exposure of 18 teams (n = 265 players, age: 44.2±7.3 years, BMI: 26.6±3.2 kg/m(2)) were documented. Sixty-three players sustained a total of 88 injuries during the season. The incidence of training injuries (4.5 per 1000 hours) was significantly lower than of match injuries (24.7 per 1000 hours). The majority of injuries (n = 73; 83%) were located at the lower extremities, 52 (47%) were muscle injuries. The injury incidence of veteran football players is similar to other male football players of different skill levels and age groups, indicating a need for the implementation of preventive measures. Prevention programmes should consider the specific injury characteristics, with more muscle injuries in this population compared with younger football players.

Alternate JournalRes Sports Med
PubMed ID25670019
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