Football to tackle overweight in children.

TitelFootball to tackle overweight in children.
MedientypJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AutorenFaude O, Kerper O, Multhaupt M, Winter C, Beziel K, Junge A, Meyer T
JournalScand J Med Sci Sports
Volume20 Suppl 1
Date Published2010 Apr
SchlüsselwörterAnthropometry, Child, Exercise Test, Exercise Therapy, Humans, Outcome Assessment (Health Care), Overweight, Soccer, Surveys and Questionnaires

The present study aimed at analyzing the efficacy of a 6-month football training program compared with a standard exercise program on health and fitness parameters in overweight children. The study design was a 6-month, two-arm, parallel-group randomized trial. Twenty-two overweight children were randomly assigned to two groups (age=10.8+/-1.2 years, height=1.56+/-0.08 m, weight= 65.1+/-11.4 kg). One group conducted a football training program, and the other group an established standard sports program. Both interventions took place three times per week from mid-May to mid-November. Before, after 3 months and after the training period, comprehensive testing was conducted: anthropometric characteristics, cycling ergometry, psychometric monitoring as well as several motor ability tests. Maximal performance capacity increased and submaximal heart rate during cycling ergometry decreased significantly. Several motor skills as well as self-esteem also improved considerably. Body composition and other psychometric variables remained nearly unchanged. No relevant differences were observed between both exercise programs. It can be concluded that a 6-month football training is as efficacious in improving the physical capacity, health-related fitness parameters and self-esteem of overweight children as a standard exercise program. These results provide further evidence that playing football has significant health effects.

Alternate JournalScand J Med Sci Sports
PubMed ID20136766
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