Guide for Submitting Applications


Currently there are no scholarships avaialble, however it is always possible to apply with a self- or non-funded PhD project. Please note that a detailed research proposal outlining the specific aims and methods of the proposed project is mandatory for these applications. Furthermore, proof of funding has to be provided (e. g. a scholarship from another institutions; private bank account statements are not accepted as proof). All necessary information regarding application requirements can be found here. There is no deadline for self- or non-funded projects.


Dr. Sabrina Forster (PhD)
Sport scientist, program coordinator
Email: sabrina.forster@uni-saarland.de


Dr. Florian Beaudouin
Sport Scientist, program coordinator
Email: florian.beaudouin@uni-saarland.de


By mail:

Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine Saarland University
- International PhD program Science and health in football -
Campus Bldg. B 8 2
D-66123 Saarbrücken

Please carefully read the instructions below before submitting your application. Only complete applications will be considered for the program.


The following pieces of information and documents are required


(1) Curriculum vitae

(2) Description of academic performance and research experience:

  • Tanscripts of records
  • Certificates of your degrees (BSc, MSc, Diploma,Magister, Staatsexamen etc.). Please submit translated certificates if the originals are not written in English or German
  • Summery of research experience (e.g. description of activities or positions in research, list of published papers, conference attendance and presentations)
  • An abstract of your graduation thesis in English 

For the first application round, scanned pdf files of certificates are accepted. In the further application process, submission of legally certified transcripts are mandatory due to University regulations.

(3) Two letters of recommendation from two independent academics and/or practitioners within the field of sport science/sport medicine

(4) Letter of motivation 

(5) A brief research proposal for the currently offered PhD project is preferable, but not required (mandatory for applications with self- or otherwise funded PhD projects)


Please provide any additional information that you consider to be useful for the selection committee in order to reach a decision on your application. The program generally starts between May and September of the upcoming year.