Our performance based training management and scheduling helps professional and recreational athletes to reach their own personal goals. Our Sport Scientist Sascha combines a lot of experience as a coach and an athlete with a scientific background. If you are not able to include all scheduled training sessions into your daily life we adjust it in regards to your own personal preferences. 


Our services:

  • Individual training zones based on your performance data 
  • Daily training session for a period of 4 weeks (changing the time frame is possible)
  • Periodisation of micro- and macro cycles for the whole season 
  • Planing of training camps 
  • Regular contact with your coach (personal and/or via email or phone)
  • Analysis of your training performance and personal feedback 
  • Adjustments of the scheduled training sessions 
  • Analysis of competitions


Appointments & Questions

Dr. Sascha Schwindling (PhD)
Sport Scientist
Tel.: +49 (0) 681/302 70414


Consulting hours:

Mon - Thur: 8 am - 4:30 pm
Fri:              8 am - 3:30 pm