Multi-Centre Project: REGman (funded by the German Institut of Sports Science, BISp)

Whats the best recovery strategies vor athletes? 

Within elite sports it is very important that athletes are able to recover quickly. Nowadays effective recovery strategies are increasingly important due to an increase in congested competition scheduling and high training loads. Thus, many German Sports Federations as well as the German Olympic Association startet to emphasize on optimal recovery. However, at the same time ther eis still a lack of scientific recommendations on the best recovery strategy for an individual athlete. 

Due to this lack of research the German Sport Science Institute (BISp) in Bonn advertised a multi-centre research grant on practical and scientifc recommendations for optimal recovery management. Thogether with the Ruhr-University in Bochum and the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz the Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine succesfullt applyed for this grant. 

The REGman team consists of internationally known scientists from several disciplins including medicine, psychology and sport science.  The leading resrahcers ar Prof. Tim Meyer from Saarland University, Prof. Mark Pfeiffer from the University in Mainz as well as Prof. Alexander Ferrauti and Prof. Michael Kellmann both from the Ruhr-University in Bochum. The project is funded for 4 years with an overall amount of 1.4 Millio Euros and includes more then 10 single studies which are conducted in close collaboration with elite athletes, Olympic training centres and several sports federations. 


For further information about the REGman Projekt please visit the webseite of the project: or follwow us on twitter for the lates news.

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