About The Program


Each PhD student works on a specific research project and is jointly supervised by two supervisors. A multidisciplinary study schedule, including courses on the theoretical background of the research topics, practical work in performance diagnosis, teaching and transferable skills courses complements the program.

The Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine at the Saarland University is the main research and teaching environment. It is a licensed FIFA (Féderation International of Football Association) Medical Centre of Excellence and a Medical Examination Centre of the German Olympics Sports Federation (DOSB). Due to activites with highly trained football players and the long-term extensive cooperation with the German Football Federation (DFB) it offers a profound expertise in football science and medical care for athletes and patients.

The scholarships provide the opportunity to work at a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence and offer the acquisition of high-level expertise in football science. Furthermore, doctoral researchers have the opportunity of participating in a stimulating foreign cultural and scientific context through the opportunities for additional research visits at the partner institutes.